Thursday, May 18, 2017

अंग्रेज़ी ज़ुबान में मेरा हाथ तंग तो क्या खाली ही समझिए | ऐसे में कामरेड पावेल पाराशर ने मेरी टिप्पणी "उदास नस्लों की तैयार फसलें" का अंग्रेज़ी में तर्जुमा करके पढ़नेवालों के बड़े दायरे तक इसकी पहुँच को मुमकिन बनाया तो अच्छा लगा |

Harvesting a gloomy human race

By Kavita Krishnapallavi English translation by Pawel Parashar

Capitalism in its declining age, has been harvesting a gloomy and sulky human race by irrigating the society with various types of poisonous cultural elements. The very societal ground on which such a social harvest is obtained, is left barren and sterile by the latter in return.
There exists a darkness of melancholi all around. Hollow laughters, people talking on cell phones, chatting on internet, running around like machines, surviving the misery of loneliness. Self exiled souls, clouded faces surrounded by glossy products.
This is probably the biggest strength of capitalism that it has left people lonely despite being surrounded by the crowd all over. They are busy, they are surrounded by people just like them, and yet they are lonely. They are exercising forced laughter in order to attain peace of mind, but collective chortle of sorrow is echoing all over the place.
This loneliness is killing you. Loneliness is like a prison. Don't make it a habit to live in this prison. It's worse than slow death. Explore new ways to liberate yourselves from this prison. Keep your TV remote aside. Stop staring at your computer screen all the time. Go to the kitchen and cook something. Have a nice cup of tea. Plant a few trees in your surroundings. Why distance yourself with common people ? Hang around at a tea stall in the workers' neighbourhood nearby, sit on the bench and chit chat with people around. Get a nice shave from the street side barber there. Start teaching the children in the neighborhood. Talk to the workers about their lives. Make friends with them. It'll take some time, but it is possible.
This way slowly and steadily the poisonous effect of depression shall go. The agony of cursed loneliness will be relieved. Once again you shall start feeling the natural and normal qualities of a human being. When you learn living like a human being, only then will you realise the urge and need for participating in the struggles of all those who know how to and want to live like human beings but fail to do so because of the tireless striving for the daily wage slavery, privation and uncertainty enforced upon them. To rebel is the prerequisite for their survival. By participating in their rebel, you too can find a new meaning to your life, explore it's beauty from a new dimension, and consolidate it's significance and creativity from a new horizon.

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